Important customer information


The prices and fees applicable to the contracting by the Customer of the services will be those that are stated on the web site at the time the Customer accesses the specific service and proceeds to start the contracting process.   

All the prices that appear in the DAYMSA on-line shop are stated in Euros and include VAT but not the applicable taxes according to the country from where the Customer makes the purchase. In the orders and invoices the VAT and/or the rest of the taxes of the articles and the shipping expenses will be displayed broken down. 

The prices of the Products displayed in the DAYMSA on-line shop may contain typographical errors and show a price other than the correct one.  When this occurs, if the Customer has received the Order Confirmation, DAYMSA will immediately contact the Customer in order to issue a new Order Confirmation with the correct price. 


When you make an order of articles on sale on, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which will be charged at the time the package arrives at its destination.  Customs policies vary significantly from country to country.  To obtain information about the applicable fees in your country, consult the pertinent customs office.   

Additional expenses due to customs dispatch will be at the expense of the buyer.   DAYMSA has no control over these expenses and cannot predict their total amount.  

The buyer, in the event of not paying the import duties and taxes, authorizes the destruction of the product, with loss of the amounts paid for its purchase. 

The agricultural nutrients and plant protectors offered through comply with Spanish regulations. The user acknowledges that when he/she makes an order from, he/she is considered the nominal importer, and must therefore comply with all the laws and applicable regulations in the country where he/she is receiving the goods. 


Neither will orders be accepted nor will Products be delivered to addresses other than those listed on the registration page. 

It is absolutely necessary to provide a valid mailing address, complete name and real contact telephone number in order for the transport agency to make the delivery satisfactorily.

Products will not be delivered to post office boxes or public places.   

Once the order has been processed and delivered to the carrier DAYMSA will send the Shipping Confirmation to the Customer by e-mail. Likewise, he/she will be provided with a Tracking Number supplied by the agency that can be used to track the situation of the shipment.   

In the appropriate time period, the carrier service will contact the Customer to agree on delivery at his/her address.  If the Customer is absent at the time the delivery is made, a notification will be left for him/her to contact the carrier again and agree upon another delivery.   

Although DAYMSA always prepares its shipments with the maximum diligence, it is possible that the package may arrive in poor condition due to the carrier or inappropriate handling in transport.  It is of fundamental importance that the  Customer check the condition of the package prior to its receipt, and if he/she detects any type of external damages, ALWAYS indicate this on the carrier’s delivery note (package dented, wet, etc.) before signing it.   

The Customer must communicate any type of incident by e-mail to the Customer Service Department in within 24 hours after the receipt of the shipment, to make the pertinent claim. 

After this period, DAYMSA will not be liable for any claim for this reason. 


Prices are applied according to the Carrier Agency chosen and the delivery zone and weight in kg. of the shipment.   

The delivery times are estimated and, although DAYMSA will do everything possible to fulfil its obligations derived from the Contract, it will not be responsible for delays or non-fulfilment if the delay or non-fulfilment is due to force majeure.  In case of delay, DAYMSA will fulfil its obligations as soon as is reasonably possible.